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Mehr Jahangir company has started its business with breeding poultry and importing the related nutrients, such as corn and soybeans, and now with years of experience and having reliable sources, has tilted and pointed its capabilities mostly at import and export of different varieties of  foodstuff, with emphasis on the issues such as dairy, edible oil, tea, grains, dried fruits, nuts, Pulses, and the like.
Iran has high potentials in different fields such as exporting fresh and dried fruits (particularly pistachios),
non-alcoholic drinks & beverages, also investing in olive plantation and dependent industries, packing industries, Mehr Jahangir is ready to cooperate in some of those fields with foreigner companies.
Meanwhile, Mehr Jahangir, with solid background  of commercial relations with many different countries. wishes to expand its ties with major competent companies in foodstuff  field.
Mehr Jahangir has been a member of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Minerals since 1994, also Iran – Australia, and Iran – Canada Chambers of Commerce Chambers of Commerce.

Kiwi Export

kiwi is a small fruit with brown skin and light green flesh which grows in mild weather.
Kiwi is an amazing source of Vitamin C, A, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Kiwi would prevent heart disease and lower blood pressure.
with all the above, kiwi is also used to cure diabetes and insomnia. Kiwi also improve hair and skin’s health.
with mild and humid weather, north of Iran, specially Gillan, is one of the most Ideal regions to produce and maintain this fruit.
Mehr Jahangir company is now capable of exporting Kiwi fruit and send this nutritious and delicious fruit to all over the world!
If yo are interested in buying kiwi from Iran, please contact us through Email or phone call!

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July 5th 1981